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International Fair & Exhibition

International entry / exit customs clearance services.

  • International transport (air, sea, road)
  • Transfer of goods to the fairgrounds, unloading the shipment, delivery to the stand.
  • The storage of empty containers and goods 
  • Taking the goods from the stand after end of the fair, storing them, transfering them back to the export terminal.
  • The other desired services (packaging, providing assistants, assembly, disassembly, etc. services)

Our Activity Areas:

Domestic and International Exhibition-Congress Logistics
Art-Concert and Sporting Events Logistics
Some of the activities that we participate in as a solution partner:


Our References:


Fair Logistics: Verona Marble Fair, Bauma Munich, Istanbul Boatshow
Sports Logistics: Champions League Final, Red Bull Air Race, Erzurum Youth Olympics etc.
Congress Logistics: EAU Congress, Mining Congress, etc.
Concert Logistics: U2 Concert / Istanbul, Bon Jovi Concert / Istanbul
Art Event Logistics: Zingaro Theatre

E-mail address for communication :  fair@schenkerarkas.com.tr

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To Download the Guidelines(Transport Instructions)for fairs&events please

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Last modified: 26.11.2014

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